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It Snowed In Denton Thursday

DENTON, Texas (CBS11) - For about ten minutes, snow flurries came down in Denton, a possibility the city had been preparing for, for days.

As snow came down in downtown, delighted Denton residents stepped outside bars and businesses to see it firsthand.

"It started snowing," said Preston Walker. "It doesn't happen in a Texas very often. You gotta see. It's like an angel. It's an anomaly. It doesn't happen."

downtown Denton in snow flurries
downtown Denton in snow flurries (CBS11)

The flurries caught some people off guard, but not the City of Denton.

Days ago, officials started prepping for ice on the roads. TxDOT spread a brine solution that keeps ice from sticking.

Denton has its five sand trucks on stand by in case ice starts to form on roads.

The city tells CBS11, scouts will be out on the roads as temperatures fall, looking for ice.

If ice does form, the city has two orange snow plows at the ready as well.

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