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Parker Could Miss Olympics With Eye Injury

French basket-ball player Tony Parker gi

NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) - We now have the latest valid reason to hate Chris Brown and Drake.

San Antonio Spurs star guard Tony Parker may end up missing the Olympics, missing the opportunity for his home country, France, in the wake of an eye injury he suffered as Brown and Drake allegedly, wistfully tried to reignite the nostalgia and flare from hip-hop battles of old. You know, without the street cred.

Parker suffered a lacerated left eye, a cut from a rogue piece of glass that penetrated "99 percent" of the tissue, according to Parker's most recent Q&A on his blog. The damage was done in the early hours of June 15 at a New York City nightclub. Parker was reportedly attending the club party as a guest of Brown and Drake, which only confuses the narrative.

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