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Ones For Real Estate: Mortgage Forbearance Ending

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Researchers say while numbers vary of how many North Texans are actually enrolled in mortgage forbearance programs -- we do know about 16% of loans in DFW are delinquent, according to data from the American Enterprise Institute.

The federal forbearance program is set to expire at the end of September, and the reality is some people will lose their homes due to foreclosure, however Dr. Luis Torres of the Texas A&M Real Estate research Center says he isn't expecting a foreclosure or homelessness crisis sighting a strong economy and strong real estate market.

Dr. Torres advice for those who still won't be able to pay their mortgage come the end of September is to sell and get out while you still can. "If they go out before it happens. If they plan it out they can sell their home and make a profit on that house," he said.

Dr. Torres added, "It's sad for those people who can lose their homes once it ends, but the market is ready to absorb those houses if they go out and sell their homes, and they can sell it before it goes into foreclosure."

Despite the advice from Dr. Torres there are those who still want to hold out and are looking for other options.

Fort Worth Real Estate Attorney Franck Jacobini says the first thing a troubled borrower needs to do is call their lender directly and ask them to work with you and design a payment plan that could help you avoid foreclosure.

Jacobini said, "We're hoping the lenders do the right thing otherwise you are back to looking to enforcement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

He says you may have recourse through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you are eligible for help but your lender refuses it.

Jacobini explained the bureau can compel lenders to help even if they refuse at first saying, "If the lender has enough fear of having more supervision and investigatory authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then that should put them back on their heels to say 'ok let me go back and take another look'. So, that's what you will probably see 'lets go take another look'."

Whatever you decide experts say time is running out and you should make the decision fast.

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