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'It Looks Pretty Dang Busy:' North Texas Airports Brace For Busy Holiday Season

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The holiday weekend is wrapping up, and after breaking a new pandemic travel record last week, travelers are once again hitting the skies in masses.

Sunday at Dallas Love Field, lines of cars were seen. Many of which, were filled with families dropping off loved ones.

Many folks heading inside said they were hoping their journey home would be smooth.

"It looks pretty dang busy," said traveler Michelle Gillies. "I think hopefully it will go okay. I've got a positive outlook," she said.

The day before Thanksgiving, the Transportation Security Administration says it screened 2.3 million people, the most since March of 2020.

Some, made their first venture out since then.

"It's been two years [since flying]" said traveler David Thompson. "It was nice coming down here to relax, and do traditional thanksgiving and all."

Wednesday also saw twice the amount of folks who traveled on the same day last year.

But Sunday, it's possible could be even busier.

The TSA predicts they will see 20 million people in total for the Thanksgiving holiday travel period by the end of the day Sunday.

And it's not expected to slow down anytime soon.

Experts from the Travel App, Hopper, believe this is just the start of a busy holiday season.

"We were expecting a busy travel season. On Hopper alone, we saw a 105% increase in searches over just the past month alone, just on holiday travel," said Consumer Travel Expert Lindsay Schwimer.

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