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Let The Friendly World Series Wagers Begin

Updated: 10/18, 4:49 p.m.

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the many certainties attached to a World Series or a Super Bowl or an NBA Finals is that representatives of the two participating municipalities – or states – will inevitably bet some sort of regional swag on their respective team taking the title.

As the first pitch of the World Series nears, details of said wagers are beginning to trickle out. First up – announced in the kitschy-titled 'Cardinals & Rangers Ready to Rumble on Capitol Hill Too' presser – is between U.S. Representatives Joe Barton (R – TX) and Wm. Lacy Clay (D – MO).

Barton's offering up a case of Lone Star beer –no comment on whether that's an 18 or 24 pack – and BBQ brisket from Arlington-based Spring Creek Barbeque. Barton promises the smoked meat will be slathered with the restaurant's "wonderful sauce made from a secret recipe."

"It's a shame that Mr. Clay and the Rally Squirrel will never get to taste it," boasts Barton.

Clay's offering up a case of Budweiser – again, no specifics on that case's girth ­– and a deep dish pizza from "famed St. Louis pizzeria "Pi.""

Counters Clay, "The Rally Squirrel and I are ready for some Texas BBQ … with extra sauce!"

Extra sauce? Spoken like a true St. Louisianan.

Anywho: Next up is a bet between the presidents of Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis.

If the Rangers win, the American Thunder roller coaster in St. Louis will be renamed American Ranger for a whole day. Now if the Cards take it, the new Texas Giant coaster will be dubbed the Giant Cardinal for a day.

And each park president will sport the opposing team's cap and jersey for a whole workday. No word on whether they'll be allowed to hide in their offices doing paperwork, though.

Last year, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck ended up traveling to San Francisco to volunteer with Junior Giants, the youth baseball program of the San Francisco Giants Community fund, after losing a friendly wager to then-Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The Rangers lost 4-1 to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series last year.

This year, Cluck and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay are sticking to gastro-territory. Cluck also is betting Spring Creek Barbeque, along with "specialties" from Olenjack's Grille, Marquez Bakery pralines and Nolan Ryan Steaks.

In his so-called Taste of St. Louis package, Slay's throwing in some Pi's pizza, in addition to St. Louis ribs staple Pappy's Barbeque, Park Avenue gooey butter cake, Crown Candy Kitchen chocolate, beer from the Schlafly brewery and a St. Louis Symphony Orchestra CD.

Quite the mouthful.

Slay snarks: "I'm looking forward to enjoying the Nolan Ryan steaks after the St. Louis Cardinals win the team's 11th World Series."

And Cluck struts: "We believe the Texas Rangers winning streak will continue to a World Series victory and, this year, in addition to some great Texas barbeque, we're raising the ante with Nolan Ryan steaks."

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