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Impending Winter Storm Sparks Spike In Demand At North Texas Hardware Stores

MESQUITE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - With ice and snow on the way this week, many people are heading out to hardware stores across North Texas to make sure they are prepared for what comes their way.

At Elliott's Hardware in Mesquite, they are stocking up.

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Elliott's Hardware in Mesquite. (credit: Nick Starling/

"Every time they see the temperatures drop, we get a spike in our cold weather supply stuff," said Larry Traylor, store manager at Elliott's Hardware's Mesquite location.

Customers have been trickling in, buying things like faucet protectors, heaters, frost protection blankets after looking at the forecast.

"Everything froze last year, pumps, pool heaters you name it. So yeah, trying to get off easy this time," said customer Shelia Cowns.

The winter storms last February bring back bad memories for Richard McCormies. "We were totally out of electricity for 5 or 6 days."

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(credit: Nick Starling/

On Sunday, he bought a generator not only for his human family, but for their beloved pet. Last year, they had to stay at someone else's house to stay warm.

"We just want to make sure for one, our bearded dragon - he's taken care of and some of us have warmth and stuff for not only just whatever they say is going to happen this week, but you know, whatever might happen within the next month or two, you never know," said McCormies.

Last year's crippling storms are on everyone's mind according to Traylor. "Last year February they don't want the same thing to happen that happened to them in February."

So to meet demand, they've ordered more supplies like generators. "We've been bringing a lot of heaters, we've had a need of customers asking for gas, natural gas heaters so we've been bringing those in that we normally don't carry," added Traylor.

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(credit: Nick Starling/

Many customers preparing for what Mother Nature brings in just a few short days.

"Hoping it easy on us this year," said Cowns.

Click here for a Winter weather checklist to help make sure you're prepared.


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