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Freezing Temps Force Some COVID Testing Sites To Close 

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The freezing temperatures on Thursday forced several COVID testing sites pause or shut down completely shut down for the day.

The FEMA operated COVID testing site in Arlington outside Choctaw Stadium was closed down along with a site at Homer B Johnson Stadium in Garland.

"The winds and really the extreme cold was the reason we had to just shut down because staff members, they had gloves on, they had hats on, they had heavy coats on, we had heaters out there but just staying out there with the wind, it was just too difficult for them to continue to do those tests. So the decision was made to call it a day and resume in the morning," said Garland City Spokesman Saul Garza.

In Frisco, the site run by Nomi Health for Frisco ISD had a several hour pause in its operation but resumed shortly after 1 p.m.

"We're also rotating our staff for 15 minutes, in and out of our heated tents so that they can stay warm and functional," said Nomi co-founder Boe Hartman.

Hartman added, while other people can bundle up, the workers can't necessarily do that.

"They're in PPE so they can't necessarily put on all the warm weather gear on and they have to wear latex PPE gloves on and so they can't keep their hands warm as if they were normally wearing gloves so it's just a precaution to make sure folks are staying warm and making sure patients are comfortable and waiting long periods of time."

All the sites who had to shut down tell CBS 11 News, if people had an appointment, they can come back on Friday without any problems and get tested.


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