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Fort Worth School Nurses Learning How To 'Stop The Bleed'

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Students in Fort Worth have a few more days to enjoy their summer vacation. But school nurses on Thursday will be attending class, learning how to 'Stop the Bleed.' It is a training session that, in the event of an emergency, could save lives.

Severe bleeding can lead to death in less than five minutes. That is why school nurses in Fort Worth will be learning how to respond during mass casualty situations. They can then take these skills back to their own campuses, and be ready in case disaster strikes.

Some of the tips include: acting quickly, evaluating your own safety, and telling someone else to call 911.

The nurses are urged to pass their new skills onto other school staff members, so that the whole campus is prepared.

'Stop the Bleed' is a national awareness campaign and call-to-action, intended to cultivate and encourage all bystanders to become trained and equipped in life-saving skills -- specifically, ways to help in bleeding emergencies before professionals can arrive.

Simply put, stopping blood loss can save lives.

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