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EXCLUSIVE: Biker From Waco Shootout Shares Story

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BALCH SPRINGS (CBSDFW.COM) - A lawsuit filed by a Balch Springs man raises serious questions about the police investigation into the shootout that left nine bikers dead outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

That man claims that authorities are prosecuting him even though police admit that they have no evidence of his involvement.

It has been six months since that motorcycle trip to Waco left George Bergman out of money, out of work and in jail. The 48-year-old parked his bike at Twin Peaks and was walking to a restroom at the neighboring restaurant when he heard shots.

After the last shot left nine bikers dead, Bergman was covered in his friend's blood and approached by Waco police, who arrested him.

Bergman's lawsuit claims that authorities have no evidence that he did anything wrong that day, but still suffered inhumane treatment for 20 days in jail.

During a recent court hearing, detectives could not reveal any evidence against Bergman. "Of course I had blood on my jeans, so as soon as they saw that, they took my jeans and put me in a striped jumpsuit," said Bergman.

The Waco Police Department declined to comment about the pending lawsuit.

Bergman's attorney in Dallas, Don Tittle, is also representing two dozen other bikers who have sued or plan to sue on some of the same grounds.

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