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Draft Poster For "The Empire Strikes Back" Sells For $26,400

DALLAS (AP) - A rare draft poster for the "Star Wars" sequel "The Empire Strikes Back" has sold at auction for $26,400.

Heritage Auctions said that a long-time pop culture collector who wished to remain anonymous made the winning bid on Sunday in the Dallas auction.

The poster features Han Solo and Princess Leia in an embrace, similar to one from a "Gone With the Wind" poster featuring Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett O'Hara while surrounded by flames.

The Empire Strikes Back
(credit: Heritage Auctions)

Grey Smith, Heritage's director of vintage posters, said that the draft poster for the 1980 movie is unique because it shows Roger Kastel's complete artwork in the original color palette.

After final revisions, the poster had a darker color scheme than the draft's vibrant reds and oranges. It was also more streamlined with fewer characters.

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