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District Implements "Summer Intervention" Classes Due To Low Test Scores

Thousands of North Texas students will spend the summer in the classroom, after they flunked state tests.

The Texas Education Agency released statewide data about the required end of course exams high schoolers must pass to graduate. Most Texas students who failed STAAR tests struggled in one area of study: writing.


English I (9th grade) 54.3% pass
English II (10th grade) 52.7% pass


Algebra 82.1% pass

English I (9th grade) 70.1% pass
English II (9th grade) 78.0% pass

Richardson Independent School District is holding "intervention sessions" this summer to help teens prepare for and pass the tests the next time.

Only 50-percent of tenth graders at Richardson's Berkner High passed the state required English II test. Sophomore Devin Olvera, 15, passed the writing test but struggled with the reading exam.

"Yeah, that kind of shocked me too, because usually I have a hard time with the writing than reading, but this time it was more of the reading than writing," said Olvera.

Richardson ISD has implemented the end of course (EOC) intervention program as a requirement by the state, and a strategy to get students like Olvera refocused on passing state required tests.

"Certainly, the 10th grade EOC passing rates are not where we want them to be, and frankly, they aren't where we think they're going to be, if you check back in year after year, over the next five or six years," said Tim Clark, spokesperson for the district.

Governor Rick Perry just signed a new law that rolls back the number of tests required for students to graduate from 15 to 5.

Under the new law, students will have to pass tests in Algebra, English I, English II, Biology and U.S. History.

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