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DFW IT Professional Gives Tips On How To Stay Current In Your Field

Eric von Koschembahr has worked for more than 20 years in the information technology sector and is a Client Technical Professional at IBM.

(Photo Courtesy of Eric von Koschembahr)

As an undergrad, he was pre-med but decided to change to business because he thought more long-term about the need for information technology. He earned his bachelor's degree in business and upon graduation, worked for the Federal Reserve Bank as a management trainee. From there he worked up to senior internal auditor and earned a master's degree in finance.

Education has served von Koschembahr well as he has grown to handle the information technology business needs for some of the world's largest companies.

How vital is education in your line of work?

"It is critical. It disciplines you to follow through and develop expert skills and knowledge, and speaks to your level of commitment. It helps you to understand the customers' needs and prompts you to look for solutions for the customer."

How important is it to stay on top of the changes?

"It is crucial to keep current on what is going on in the industry. If you sleep more than a day in this industry, you will miss a lot. The information technology industry moves at lightning speed with new software and hardware being developed every day. You must keep on top of it."

How does networking in your field help you keep current?

"Knowing whom to go to is just as important has knowing the answer to someone's question. Sometimes it is even more important. Making connections with other people is what will set you apart in the industry. Connections help make you the expert. When people come to you and say, "You may not know the answer to my question but I know you will know who knows the answer," then you are the person with the connections. That is why sites like LinkedIn are vital. You need to use the tools of technology to help you help your clients."

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