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Dallas Braces For Bridge Repairs

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Interstate-30 and Interstate-35 bridges near the Dallas skyline both cross the Trinity River into downtown. Both bridges are scheduled for major repairs in the Spring of 2013.

Residents who live near those bridges are anxious to get the projects started; sort of. "I want to make sure that noise mitigation is part of the bridge structure," said Don Raines, who lives near Sylvan Avenue and I-30.

Neighbors and concerned citizens attended a public hearing Thursday night on the bridges. Most of them agree that both structures are in desperate need of repair. However, they fear that noise from heavy construction will take a heavy toll on their peaceful surroundings. "It's a big downer for everybody," said David Lyles. "We're trying to create a multi-model neighborhood with cycling, pedestrian amenities and restaurants for a more vibrant lifestyle," added Lyles.

I-30 Dallas
(Photo by Jay Gormley, CBS 11)

Residents in the Kessler Park neighborhood have made the most noise about the potential noise. They even asked for a sound wall that would stretch along I-30 near Beckley.

However, TX-DOT spokesman Mark Pettit says it's not likely to happen. "The sound wall studies that have been conducted indicate that a sound wall is not needed in the area," said Pettit.

TX-DOT officials say they're hoping to test a new prototype sound wall along I-30, but the agency will need federal approval to do so.

I-35 Dallas
I-35 bridge heading into downtown Dallas. (Photo by Jay Gormley, CBS 11)

Repairs to both bridges will make up a big part of the Horse Shoe Project, which is designed to fix the dreaded Mixmaster in downtown Dallas.

When finished, the I-30 bridge will become the new Margaret McDermott Bridge, which will be the companion piece to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

The Horse Shoe Project is expected to take four years to finish and will clog two of Dallas' biggest arteries heading in and out of downtown.

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