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Body Paint & Pasties Outlawed For Restaurant Waitresses

LEWISVILLE (CBS 11 NEWS) - Lewisville decided to change its nudity laws after a restaurant's servers wore only pasties and body paint to cover their upper torso. Police say the colorful 'garb' was not a violation of the law. But the council decided servers wearing that little were too much.

Catherine Holliday had a friend visiting from out of town when they pulled into the Redneck Heaven restaurant to take a picture because they thought the sign was funny.

"And that's when we realized there were servers in the parking lot that weren't dressed!" recalled Catherine Holliday of her stop at the restaurant.

"They weren't for all intents and purposes. They had a tiny bikini bottom that didn't cover their bottom, their backs were bare and their fronts were painted but bare."

Normally, the servers at Redneck Heaven wear bikini tops. But during events called ABC -- anything but clothes -- the servers take off their tops and don pasties and body paint to cover their upper torso.

Technically, the servers were legal under Lewisville law since you couldn't see through the paint. Body paint artists say their work is legal under city laws in other parts of the metroplex.

"I do consider it a form of art -- I consider it a very beautiful form of art," said Kristal White, a professional body painter. "If you've seen X-Men, you've seen Mystique. That was a movie and that was body painting, and it was beautiful."

But the Lewisville council decided body paint, dyes and tattoos cannot be considered decent covering for restaurant servers and voted to change their ordinance.

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