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Arrest Of Social Workers Bring Questions About Teen's Murder

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - They are supposed to protect children when no one else can, but now a Child Protective Services (CPS) supervisor, along with a retired case worker and another woman are under arrest. All of he women are accused of tampering with evidence.

CBS 11 News has learned the charges may be connected to an investigation involving the murder of a 16-year-old North Texas girl.

All three women of the women, Laura Ard, Natalie Reynolds and Rebekah Ross, have bonded out of jail.

Hunt Co. mugshots
Three Hunt County women have been arrested for tampering with evidence. The charges are believed to be connected with the murder of 16-year-old Alicia Moore, whose body was found stuffed in a trunk in Van Zandt County in 2012. Arrested are Laura Ard (L), Natalie Reynolds (M), and Rebekah Ross (R).

Authorities aren't saying much but this corruption investigation appears to have a connection to the sexual assault case involving Alicia Moore, who was kidnapped and murdered last year.

At least two of the three women have current or past ties to CPS. Hunt County authorities say all of the charges involve tampering or fabricating evidence and one of the women faces an additional charge of official oppression.

The family of Alicia Moore, who's kidnapping and murder allegedly at the hands of an uncle made news last year, believes the arrests of the CPS workers may involve the teenager.

Alicia's aunt, Jessica Bird, said, "I was told it started with a caseworker and some files she dealt with." According to Bird, one of the three women indicted, CPS Supervisor Natalie Reynolds, worked on a sexual assault case involving her niece.

Terry Ramsire, 49, was accused of assaulting the teenager months before her murder and was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Alicia's uncle, Michael Moore, was later arrested for abducting the teenager after she got off of her school bus and dumping her body in Van Zandt County.

While Alicia's family doesn't believe anything the CPS workers could have done would have prevented the girl's murder, they say authorities have yet to tell them anything about what the charges might involve.

Alicia's family says since Ramsire is serving time for sexual assault and Michael Moore is awaiting trial for capital murder they're not going to worry about details as long as those cases remain unaffected by these surprising arrests and indictments that we hope to learn more about in the days ahead.

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