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Should Zombies Take Over Abandoned Detroit Neighborhood?

DETROIT (WWJ) - Running through an abandoned Detroit neighborhood trying to stay one step ahead of zombies may sound like a nightmare -- but for one Clawson man it could be a dream come true.

Marc Siwak says the Detroit Works Project is targeting sparsely-populated areas of the city that likely will be closed off. And he wants one of those areas turned into a live-action game zone that he calls "Z World Detroit."

"It would be a structured game, so you'd have a group of, I guess for lack of a better term, professional zombies that would get the game started and they would assimilate the rest as the zombie horde grows," Siwak said.

Siwak says the city can only have so many urban farms or similar uses for vacant plots. Even though funding and permission are still lacking, he says people are already sending him resumes.

According to his website, he's raised $2,237 of the estimated $145,000 necessary to create Z World Detroit. Siwak says he'll only accept the money if his financial goal is met by August 10.

"There are formal proposals to essentially abandon some of Detroit's neighborhoods. That's not a solution.  Collectively we must be more creative than that. Let's do something fun and unique that will revitalize an area while creating some jobs for Detroiters," the website says.

This dovetails with a plan Mayor Dave Bing has come out in support of to move Detroiters from outlying areas to the most densely populated neighborhood to save money on police, fire and public works services. There are several neighborhoods in Detroit filled with abandoned homes as the city's population has shrunk 25 percent in the last 10 years.

More information on Z World Detroit here.

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