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Wrestler Kevin Owens Powerbombs Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Off The Stage [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

Professional wrestling isn't for everyone, but it's one of my favorite things on TV since I was 5.

As weird as it sounds for a 31-year-old to sit and watch WWE Monday Night Raw every week -- I can't get enough of it.

During Monday's episode, the new up and comer Kevin Owens stole the show. Owens had been in lower-ranked wrestling leagues under the name Kevin Steen and has just recently started appearing in WWE.

Owens' first match in the WWE was against John Cena. Even if you aren't a fan of wrestling, you know who he is. Cena is the modern-day Hulk Hogan.

The show was in Cleveland, Ohio. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who is from Cleveland, performed for the crowd. After his performance, Owens was on the stage clapping. Kelly went to shake his hands. That's where things went wrong for Kelly. Owens powerbombed Kelly off the stage.

Owens later apologized for his actions. I know wrestling is fake... that is fine, it's scripted more than fake. You have to give MGK credit for taking the hard fall.

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