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Who Is The Worst Athlete, Jeff Riger Or Stoney?

By: Evan Jankens

We were graced Monday morning with a short video of Jeff Riger whiffing in an underhand softball game. Let's just say his team lost ... by 24 points and when we saw this, we understood why.

It might have been the worst attempt in softball history. It might have made George Hancock, the man who invented softball, turn in his grave.

Maybe Wednesday is Riger's lucky day and Stoney might have trumped him as the most unathletic person here at 97.1 The Ticket.

While on vacation with his family up north, Stoney attempted to paddle board and failed miserably.

Thanks to his daughter Jessica, we are able to all have a little laugh at Stoney's expense.

I still think Riger is the worst athlete in this building but I'll let you vote.

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