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Washington Redskins Players Sending Water To Flint

By: Evan Jankens

According to The Sporting News, players from the Washington Redskins have sent water to help out with the Flint water crisis.

It's always good to see athletes who are more finacially blessed than the majority take a few bucks out of their pockets to help out, and that's exactly what Terrance Knighton and Chris Baker from the Washington Redskins are doing.

The two players tweeted out the following:

Not only are these athletes helping out Flint, but rappers Big Sean and Meek Mill are as well.

Rapper Puff Daddy is also helping support Flint.

No one in the celebrity world seems to have cared more about the Flint water crisis than Cher, who has created numerous Twitter rants about it, telling the public that Gov. Rick Snyder should be jailed or face a "firing squad."

Snyder apologized for the water crisis during his state of the state address Tuesday night in Lansing. It started when an emergency manager decided to try to save money by getting the public water supply from the Flint River instead of the Detroit water system. The river's quality was lacking and leached lead into the water supply; state tests presented to the public didn't show any problems.

After local doctors started an outcry about lead levels in the blood of local children, officials were forced to react and ask the feds for emergency help.

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