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UM Needs To Go With Two Headed Monster At QB

By: Dennis Fithian

Brady Hoke can say anything he wants about the Michigan starters and the two deep. After watching Devin Gardner come on last week in his first start at quarterback for UM -- this much is clear. Things have changed. A healthy Denard Robinson should get the start verses Northwestern. If Michigan wants to give themselves the best chance at winning this week and the remainder of the season it needs to involve Devin Gardner at QB. Who doesn't think that lining up Robinson and Gardner in a pistol formation and then running some plays for both of them isn't a great idea? Northwestern, Iowa (of course Michigan State) and Ohio State. I loved how Michigan adjusted their offensive after the bye week this year. I hated how the staff didn't have Gardner ready (he was ready) for the Nebraska game. Now, with three games to go, it's time for UM to use their top two weapons on offense at the same position at the same time. Getting creative with the two signal callers seems obvious. Hoke can say anything he wants. Just do it.

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