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Tip-Toppers Scouting For Skyscraping Singles

A Metro Detroit group has a tall order to fill this holiday season -- literally.   To make a long story short, Carol Bender's wish list includes some new, younger members to join to the Tip Toppers Club of Detroit, which is devoted to women at least 5'10" and men at least 6'2".

The Macomb Township woman, who stands 6'1", explained to WWJ why some would-be members have a long face the first time they show up. 

Said Bender, "Everybody that comes into the club lately keeps saying, 'Ugh, you're all couples, you're all couples.'  I say...the club works!"

Bender's hoping to see some new faces in the new year. She says many members have gone on to marry each other, so there's no reason Cupid can't aim high once again.

As far as the "tall jokes" go (How's the weather up there?--you get the idea), Bender notes that she's "the first one to get rained on and the last one to drown."

But she can't always be on Cloud 9.  "The only nuisance is clothes, and beds, and fitting into things, and begging for the aisle seat on an airplane because otherwise you sit there with your knees in your ears," she said.  But she says she never has a problem trying to trim her Christmas tree.
Bender says they have weekly social events--you can check them out at this link.

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