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Tigers Looking To Move Kinsler During Winter Meetings

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- If Detroit Tigers general manager had it his way, second baseman Ian Kinsler would be on another team by the end of this week. Will that actually be the case? Only time will tell.

Avila spoke with reporters today at the opening of the MLB's annual Winter Meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and made it clear the Tigers are looking to move the four-time All-Star. Avila said the Tigers aren't close to a deal with any team at this point, but are certainly open and willing to trade Kinsler for some prospects.

"In our situation right now, it behooves us to do it," Avila told reporters. "It behooves us to move Kinsler — a veteran player for a prospect. It would give us a chance to play Dixon Machado on a more regular basis, for one thing."

A few clubs are reportedly in the mix, with many believing the Mets, Angels, Brewers and Blue Jays are interested in adding a second baseman.

Avila said they've already talked to a few clubs since arriving in Florida so there is optimism a deal could be done before the Winter Meetings conclude on Thursday. But how likely will a deal actually get done?

Well, Chris McCosky of The Detroit News reported today that Avila had Tigers assistant general manager David Chadd reach out to Kinsler's agent to let him know Detroit has "had conversations and something could happen."

Kinsler does still have the power to block a trade through his partial no-trade clause. That no-trade clause includes a list of 10 teams that Kinsler would refuse to play for unless he waived the clause. It can also be updated during the offseason.

With Kinsler possibly leaving Detroit by the end of this week, our eyes turn to another possible trade piece -- Michael Fulmer.

With the Tigers in full rebuild mode, some have wondered if the star starting pitcher would be moved this offseason, however, that doesn't appear to be the case. Avila said he is not "actively" seeking trade partners for Fulmer, and that it is unlikely a deal will be made for the 2016 American League Rookie of the Year.

"It's not really our desire to trade him at this point," Avila said. "It's just something where you explore all your avenues, just in case. We are not trying to trade him, but if there are teams that are interested then okay, but we're not trying to trade him."

Avila did admit he has received a few calls about Fulmer, but none were considered serious.

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