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Terry Foster: 'Valenti Would Hate Being On A Cruise'

By: Terry Foster

I took the family on a cruise last week and we had the time of our lives.

The kids met new friends. Abs got to relax and forget about the death of her father. And I was able to enjoy shows with her and enjoy the hot sun.

The Carnival Cruise was the perfect spot at the perfect time for my family. But we are all different.

My radio partner Mike Valenti would hate being on a cruise. We are different people.

On a cruise people want to say hello and be friends. My main man Mike wants to be left alone. He wants to smoke fat cigars, drink and eat great food and just chill with his woman. I am more social and that is the difference.

On a cruise everybody wants to know how you are doing, where you are from and are you enjoying yourself. I walked outside in mornings and talked to at least two people each morning even though there were not many folks out at 7 in the morning. During this cruise I talked to a senior couple from Baltimore, a younger couple with gold teeth from North Carolina, a woman whose husband was bedridden for two days and a man who talked about every woman that walked past. He made noises when a pretty one walked by and shook his head when one did not meet his approval.

It was fun meeting these people. Of course sometimes you did not have a choice. You are part of a captive audience.

But here is the bottom line. When you go on vacation do you want to chill and be with yourself? Or do you want to mingle and become part of the culture?
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