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Terry Foster: Something Was Missing From The DNC

By Terry Foster
The Family Deal

The Democrats only got it partially right.

I loved seeing the mothers of black murder victims who spoke during the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night in Philadelphia. Two important issues were highlighted that are dividing our country.

Too many black males in particular are killed by police and too many are being murdered by fellow blacks. It was also heartwarming to see 9/11 survivors speak. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon will anger me for the rest of my life.

And it was sickening to see how difficult it was for some to receive compensation for their pain.

However, something was missing. The survivors of the vicious police ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rouge should have been represented. It was a missed opportunity. Democrats are ahead of the Republicans in that they at least had police speak about this pressing issue.

The Republicans ignore or attack the movement of Black Lives Matter. We must learn to become All-inclusive or the great divide shall continue.

Let me address why the term Black Lives Matters is important. For much of my life black lives were not as important as other lives. I believe that in a moment of crisis it is easier or more acceptable to kill a black male than a white male.

Many black people do not respect black lives. We kill each other at an alarming rate mostly in the inner city. And I believe that is the case because there are too many people in urban areas with no hope. You give people hope and they are less likely to rob, murder and be a menace to society.

We already know that white lives matter. We already know that blue lives matter. The thing that America struggles with is when a black person is murdered an entire family and neighborhood mourns. But instead of addressing the issue too many people try to justify the murder.

We must learn that life is precious for everybody.

The issue of blacks being killed has been going on for decades. But when anger morphed into the killing of police more attention was placed on the issue.

Now instead of addressing part of the issue or fighting one another, we most bond and acknowledge universal pain and try to solve this.

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