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Tampa Radio Host Calls Red Wings Fans 'Classless Chicken Spit'; Twitter, Valenti And Foster Respond

By Dan Jenkins

There has been no love lost between the Detroit Red Wings and the Tampa Bay Lightning in their first round playoff series. Now, that tension has boiled over into both fans bases and sports talk radio in both cities.

Tampa radio host Steve Duemig of WDAE had some harsh words for Detroit fans after the Wings' 2-0 shutout of the Lightning on Sunday. Duemig didn't sugarcoat anything, calling Detroit fans "classless chicken spit."

"So Detroit shows one of their players -- or best players -- is a chicken and their fans are classless, classless chicken spit. Of course we already knew that from last year," Duemig said. "But way to go, chicken spits of Detroit, and thank you for putting the chicken dance in our repertoire for the rest of the day, cause that's what you're going to hear."

Duemig took exception to a fight between Detroit's Justin Abdelkader and Tampa's Brian Boyle in which Abdelkader refused to take his gloves off, and a fan dumping beer on Boyle during the skirmish.

Gotta See It: Abdelkader & Boyle fight after final buzzer by SPORTSNET on YouTube

"We have a new name for Justin Abdelkader -- octopussy," Duemig said. "We saw the ultimate in pussydum when Justin Abdelkader refused to take off his gloves to fight Brian Boyle because he said, 'oh, I had tape on my hands.' Well lets see the tape."

Duemig also called the Red Wings cheaters.

"You ask any Lightning player what the toughest series was [last year], it was the Detroit series because you have to work so hard to survive because they cheat," Duemig said. "So not only are they chicken spits, but they cheat too and the refs let it go last year as well and they're letting it go this year, at least in Game 3."

Detroit's own Valenti and Foster program got in on the action on Twitter.

Even WDAE got in on the fight.

Sounds like this is turning into a full-time rivalry.

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