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Sign Invites Detroiters To 'Bend Over And Vote'

DETROIT (WWJ) - A sign on Detroit's east side is sparking a lot of chatter with the election just two weeks away.

The sign on 8 Mile and Cardoni near I-75, in a neighborhood with boarded up houses, says "Bend over and vote."

"You're going to get screwed no matter what, because after we vote and whoever wins, Obama or Romney, it's still going to look like this," General Holiefield, Jr. told WWJ's Mike Campbell.

Holiefield said he didn't put up the sign but he knows what it means: Nobody is taking care of the people.

"Every presidential candidate ever, they have only talked about the upper class and/or the middle class. Nobody has ever talked about the inner city or the urban community," said Holiefield.

So, what is needed to turn those areas around?

"We need jobs in the inner city and in the urban communities. If you give jobs to poor people, you've automatically built up the middle class, because the middle class people are just poor people with jobs," said Holiefield.

The sign, which sits in front of a well-maintained playground, used to read "This city is infected by crackheads." Read more, here.

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