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Robot Accompanies Gov. Snyder On Annual Walk Across Mackinac Bridge

MACKINAC BRIDGE (WWJ) -- Tens of thousands of people have taken part in the Labor Day walk across the Mackinac Bridge -- and they were joined by one robot.

Governor Snyder led the annual trek across the 5-mile-long bridge. He walked with a robot constructed for the occasion by the FIRST robotics team from Macomb International Academy in Armada.

Zach Mroz helped build the robot.

"We started building the robot in about June and we finished about a week ago," Mroz said. "It was built specifically for this. We're always looking for new projects to spread the word and excite students and kids -- we figured this would be a great way to do that."

Several of the program's students, teachers and mentors joined Snyder and the robot, which can travel up to 10 mph and is known as "The Pi Guy." The annual bridge walk is now in its 57th year.

Mroz says the crowd seemed impressed by the robot. The annual Labor Day bridge walk is now in its 57th year.

"It's got a solar panel on the top that recharges the battery," Mroz said. "It's got some shielding on the four sides with our sponsors' names and logos. There's also a Pie Guy, which is our logo."

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