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Report: 48% Will Buy Holiday Gifts Online

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) - Technology is leading the way for holiday shopping. Deloitte's annual survey of holiday spending intentions shows that 48-percent say they will likely shop on the Internet, but that's not all.

"Twenty-five percent of the Michigan respondents survey says that they will use their smart phones to assist their shopping , so as retailers continue to develop their app technology and their ability with one punch on your smart phone to be on your site of choice," said Deloitte's Michigan managing partner Mark Davidoff.

"I think that that mobile access will continue to drive people to use their using the smart phones for that purpose," Davidoff said.

Davidoff said 40-percent of Michigan respondents plan to spend less on the holidays this year.

"Some reasons for spending less are higher food costs, higher gas prices, still some uncertainty in the economy ... same causes we've seen in the past number of years, those trends continue," he said.

Deloitte's survey predicts that total holiday spending across the U.S. will be up up to three-percent from last year.

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