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Red Solo Cup Myth Busted

By: Sara


If you invite one guest to your party this weekend, it better be Red Solo cup.  It is THE sign that there is about to be a good time.  RSC has received so much love this year; it even has its own country song (thank you Toby Keith).  But the ultimate signal that your star is on the rise is when people start crazy rumors about you and your prowess.


Facebook has been lighting up the last few weeks with the idea that the Solo cup is actually a smart cup.  The lines that wrap around the different sections of Red Solo cups are allegedly measurements.  The first line above the base is supposedly the one ounce mark for liquor.  The next line is five ounces for wine, and the third line comes in at 12 ounces for one full beer.


Sounds good, right?  Not so fast, my friends!  The people at contacted the Dart Container Corporation, which makes the cups, and they said, quote, "The lines on our Party Cups are designed for functional performance (Good grip, I guess?) and are NOT measurement lines.  If the lines do coincide with certain measurements, it is purely coincidental."  Their explanation makes sense, since an official shot would be 1.5 ounces anyway.  But if I was the Dart Company, I would have run with story.  It sounds cooler.


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