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Reactions To Kidnapping Attempt On Governor Whitmer

CBS Detroit - Twitter is alive with comments from across the state and nation from people condemning the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. A group calling themselves the Wolverine Watchmen were arrested for conspiring to kidnap the governor from her west Michigan vacation home and talked about using 200 men to "storm" the state capitol building. There has been feedback from both sides of the political landscape on Twitter, condemning the plans.

A native from Michigan and outspoken liberal, Michael Moore criticized President Trump for his past Tweets on Michigan's Supreme court's ruling nullifying her executive orders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael Moore quoted the president's Tweet to "Liberate Michigan" and blamed the president for the current state of politics, making the case Trump is the one who should be arrested.

The sentiments of Michael Moore were echoed by others who are implying Trump's comments caused the scheme to commit violence against the governor. Scott Dworkin who is an MSNBC contributor and co-founder of the Democratic Coalition tweeted earlier on Thursday that the President's silence so far on the plot to kidnap Whitmer "says everything", also implying "he (Trump) inspired this terrorism".

On the other side of the aisle in Michigan, Republicans in the Legislature are also condemning the plot against Whitmer. Senator majority leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, Tweeted that "A threat against our Governor is a threat against us all." Saying that "They are not patriots. There is no honor in their actions. They are criminals and traitors, and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." According to The Detroit Free Press, his comments garnered 14,000 likes and 3,000 retweets.

Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield, who represents Michigan's 107th district representing Chippewa, Emmet, and Mackinac counties Tweeted that "Violence has no place in politics". Saying justice for those responsible for the plot should be swift and severe.

State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden, D-Southfield, and State Rep. Darrin Camilleri, D-Brownstown Township shared concerns that Republicans in the legislature should step up to ban guns on the capitol grounds to keep their colleagues safe from groups like the ones who conspired against the governor. Referring back when armed protestors in May gathered on the Michigan Capitol grounds.

In a statement today Governor Whitmer thanked those in law enforcement at the state and federal level for keeping her family safe. She said that COVID-19 is the real enemy and that this affects us all. Saying, "This should be a moment of national unity. Where we all pull together as Americans meet this challenge head-on. With the same might and muscle that put a man on the moon." Governor Whitmer then criticized President Trump for "denying science, ignoring his own health experts, stoking distrust, fomenting anger, and giving comfort to those who spread fear and hatred and division".

In her remarks, Whitmer said that last week the President "refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups, like these two Michigan Militia groups. Stand back and standby he told them". According to Whitmer, hate groups heard his comments as not a rebuke but a rallying cry.

Today White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to Governor Whitmer's comments saying "President Trump has continually condemned white supremacists and all forms of hate. Governor Whitmer is sowing division by making these outlandish allegations. America stands united against hate and in support of our federal law enforcement who stopped this plot."

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