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Rally For Mother Involved In 12-Hour Police Stand-Off

DETROIT (WWJ) - A rally was held on Saturday morning for the mother who fired a gun prompting a standoff with Detroit Police a week ago. This after Child Protective Services showed up to take her child away.

The Justice for Maryanne Godboldo Action Committee held a rally at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit to bring attention to and draw donations needed to assist Godboldo in her upcoming legal battles.

Godboldo was thrust into the limelight after she got into a standoff with police that lasted nearly 12 hours late last week. It began when Godboldo fired a shot at a CPS worker who arrived at her home in an attempt to take her 13-year-old daughter. CPS workers were there to take the girl after reports surfaced that Godboldo refused to give the child needed medication.

Addressing the crowd on the legal fight ahead was Wanda Evans, Godboldo's attorney.

"We have a mother that has done her research. She's intelligent, she's articulate, she's attentive and she's telling you what she needs, and she has gotten the back up here. And she's saying 'assist me.' And that's what we have to do. Not rip her family apart," Evans said. 

Ron Scott with the Justice Committee said the focus is about parental rights and they have been getting support from all over.

"It's been unbelievable. People from all over the world have called. It's everyone from the far right to the far left and everybody in between, who have come together to say, this mother stood her ground to reflect the rights that every parent should have," Scott said.

Fifty-eight-year-old Godboldo is charged with discharging a weapon in a dwelling, felonious assault, felony firearm, resisting arrest and obstruction of an officer.  

Godboldo was released on bond from Wayne County Jail on Wednesday. 

Her attorney, Allison Folmar, said CPS was over-stepping their boundaries when they showed up at Godboldo's home to take away her child.

"My client is a mother who was protecting her child, against CPS who is acting, over-reaching and outside the scope of their authority. You cannot superimpose your will to give a child Risperdal, which is a psychotropic medication," Folmar said.

Evans, Godboldo's other attorney, could not agree more.

"My main concern is that they [CPS] have imposed their own view on this family as to what kind of medication should be given. And when the parents make a plan to help this child and elect not to give a certain type of medication because of the severe risks. The parent has seen what's happening to the child because they are there 24-7 and they have the right to do that," Evans said.

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