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Poll: Gubernatorial Race Flips With Democrat Schauer Taking Slight Lead

DETROIT (WWJ) - In a race that looks to be a close one down the stretch, a new EPIC/MRA poll shows Democratic contender Mark Schauer now leading governor Rick Snyder in the race for Michigan's top job.

Pollster Bernie Porn says Schauer is now running one point stronger among Democrats than Snyder is running among Republicans.

"Mark Schauer has continued to improve and now has taken a two-point lead, 45-43 percent, and actually if you look at the most certain voters who are going to participate, he has 46 percent to 43 lead, which is the same as Mr. Snyder had in July," said Porn.

Porn says Schauer has gained another advantage as well.

"He is now running one point stronger among Democrats, than Snyder is running among Republicans, 83 to 82 percent, and I've always said if Schauer could equalize things among his base of Democrats with where Snyder was that would probably cause him to be in the lead.

"Those things have caused voters to look toward Schauer and the reason they are looking toward him is, he has dramatically improved his name recognition, so when there are doubts about the incumbent, when he's getting bad news, now that they know Mark Schaurer they are more likely to move toward supporting him."

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