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Police Search For Crook Who Snatched 90-Year-Old's Purse At Meijer

WATERFORD (WWJ) - Police are looking for the brazen crook who robbed a 90-year-old woman while she was shopping for produce at a local Meijer store.

Police say the incident occurred around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Meijer on Highland and Pontiac Lake roads in Waterford Township.

The elderly victim, a Pontiac resident, told police she was looking at items in the produce section for just a moment and when she turned around, her shopping cart was missing along with her purse.

The victim notified a store employee, who located the her cart and purse a few isles over. Police say the purse was unzipped and missing was two bank envelopes containing $1200.00 cash, along with the victim's wallet, which contained several credit cards.

Police were called to the store to review security footage, which shows the suspect -- an older black female with gray hair.

The video shows the suspect looking at the cart while the victim has her back turned, as if she's contemplating whether or not she has the guts to pull off the crime. Video from another camera shows the suspect walking away, pushing the victims cart and removing the items from the victim's purse.

A final video grabs perhaps the clearest glimpse of the crook's face as she exits the store, seemingly empty-handed.

Police are now looking to identify the suspect, who was wearing a white shirt, blue plaid shorts and white shoes at the time.

Anyone with information on the incident or who identify the suspect is asked to contact Waterford police at 248-618-7550.

waterford meijer purse snatching suspect DL
Police are searching for Deborah Lynn Simmons, who was caught on camera robbing a 90-year-old at Meijer in Waterford. (Photo courtesy: Waterford Police)
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