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Police Make Headway In Landfill Search For Zion Foster, Inspect Materials

(CBS DETROIT) – Detroit Police Chief James White says DPD and partnering agencies have been working around-the-clock since Tuesday, making headway in the search to find missing teen Zion Foster.
The search led investigators to a piece of mail from Detroit.
White is calling it a positive sign that shows they're digging in the right location.

Friday marks day four of Operation Justice for Zion, an extensive search effort at Pine Tree Landfill in Lenox Township to find the missing 17-year-old.

"This requires heavy equipment which was provided by Michigan CAT," White said.
"A road is being installed now that leads to the search area."

Police say they believe her remains are buried in the rubbish.

White says the operation will be long and difficult due to the heat and potential biohazards.

It's the first search of its kind by led Detroit Police.
"We're gonna do everything we possibly can to bring some degree of closure," White said.
"We'll never bring complete closure, but some degree of justice and closure to this family."

White says crews were able to dig out 20 feet of layers above the focused area.

From there investigators are shifting and sending materials out for inspection... with careful consideration to not miss an inch.

But one hint is standing out to Chief White.

A piece of mail believed to be from a Detroit depository that's in alignment with targeted dump dates.
White also thanking crews and investigators for their hard work and business leaders for donations to support this massive undertaking.
"There's a tremendous cost involved which is why it's important to thank these people who have stepped up for us through the public safety foundation and made donations so that owe can do this," White said.

Phase one of the search is expected to conclude June 15.

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