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Pole Vaulter Lavillenie Flips Out After Red Flag

By: Evan Jankens

Ever seen a grown man cry? In the video below is a French pole vaulter by the name of Renaud Lavillenie, who is talked up by the announcer as one of the best pole vaulters in history.

Let's just say my personal jury is still out. In this incident, Lavillenie clears the bar and the announcers seem to go crazy as if it were the best pole vault of all time until the ref (didn't know they had refs, either) holds up the red flag.

That's when Lavillenie loses his mind -- and we learn that real tragedy can happen during the underrated sport of the pole vault. The pole can't come off the peg in order for the vault to be considered good. In this instance the pole came off the peg, but then was resting above it.

The vault didn't count so Lavillenie threw a hissy fit as if he were a 5-year old. He laid on the track and started crying. Is this the worst case of sportsmanship ever?

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