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Planted Detroit Takes Farming To New Levels In Detroit

Southfield (CW50) - At Planted Detroit, technology and farming are believed to be a perfect match. Bringing these two worlds together to sustainably grow tastier, healthier, and more accessible greens is what Planted Detroit sees as the future of Detroit agriculture.

Through their innovation, Planted Detroit harvests every day, package mixes, micros and ready-to-eat salads to order, and are delivered right to people's doors. All of their products are sold no more than 6 days from harvest. This helps reduce food insecurity in the community. Planted Detroit also donates all of the leftovers, making every green donated even fresher than ones purchased in stores.

Planted Detroit
Inside the Planted Detroit facilities in Detroit

One of the biggest parts of their innovation at Planted Detroit is vertical farming. Vertical farming is when plants are grown up instead of out. This allows them to grow food just 3 miles from downtown Detroit. with limited space in the city, vertical farming is an innovation that has made a significant impact in the agricultural community of Detroit. The other innovation is biosecurity. Shoes off, full body suit, hairnet, boots and mask on, insert hands into the automatic hand-washer, put on gloves. This process is one everyone goes through who enter Planted Detroit's facility. Creating a controlled environment helps keep human contact and pathogens out of the growing process. 

Meg Burritt
Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Meg Burritt, Leader of Business Development at Planted Detroit

Meg Burritt, Leader of Business Development at Planted Detroit, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss the farming innovations that Planted Detroit has brought to the city of Detroit, and how this way of farming make for a more sustainable future.

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