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Pistons' Tobias Harris Gets Called Out For Taking A Photo With Model Karrueche Tran [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

If you aren't familiar with Complex magazine and their YouTube channel, then you are really missing out.

Their YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers and I believe they have some of the best original content when it comes to athletes, shoes and music.

My favorite video they do weekly is called "Sneaker Shopping With Complex" and it has celebrities and athletes going shoe shopping. The amount of cash they drop at the end of each episode is absurd.

When I logged into YouTube this morning they suggested I watch the video called "Karrueche Tran Steals The Show." I had to see what it was all about since Tran is smoking hot.

The video begins with Kentucky's De'Aaron Fox and what his best pickup line he would use on Tran if he got to meet her since she was coming into the Complex office later in the day. He didn't have a line but the guy doing the interview, Tony, gave him one that has been used over and over. "How much does a polar bear weight?" "Enough to break the ice."

The video then transitions in Tran coming into the office and Tony managed to get a photo with the model.

Out of nowhere, Detroit Pistons' forward Tobias Harris comes into the picture and sneaks in to get a photo. Playfully, Tony wasn't pleased.

"Got a bone to pick with you," Tony said. "How are you going to roll up on my girl Karrueche like that?"

The two played around and no one was really upset with anyone. Harris was at Complex to talk about hoops and his sneakers.

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