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New Search In The Case Of Paige Renkoski: Missing For Over 20 Years

LIVINGSTON COUNTY (WWJ) - New developments in a local case that has baffled investigators for more than two decades.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Cold Case Team has begun searching for the body of substitute teacher Paige Renkoski, who disappeared near Fowlerville 21 years ago.

WWJ's Sandra McNeill reports that the Cold Case Team is using ground-penetrating radar to search a pond off Nicholson Road near Grand River in Handy Township.

Paige Renkoski.

The pond is the site where a local woman told police she and a friend saw a pair of cement-covered boots while playing around the time of Paige Renkoski's disappearance just over 21 years ago.

Her car was found still running along I-96 WB near the Fowlerville exit, with her purse and shoes still inside.  Investigators took away several samples for analysis on Tuesday, but they are believed to be of animal bones.

Police say the Dive Team will search the pond in the near future and they'll use the radar at several more sites nearby.

The Cold Case Team has received more than 1,000 tips on the Renkoski case and plans to use the ground-penetrating radar to search several more sites in Conway, Handy, and Genoa Townships.

If you have any information on this case please contact the Livingston County Sheriff's department.

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