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MSU Fans Don't Care About U-M Rivalry Anymore, Media Man Tells Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

Recently, I had an encounter with a prominent Michigan State media member who also happened to have graduated from Michigan State University. We were sitting at a Tigers game in the press box, discussing the upcoming seasons for both Michigan and MSU.

Then it happened.

I asked the Spartan how excited he would be if Hawaii, on Saturday pulled off a giant upset. If the Rainbow Warriors beat Michigan, how fun would it be for him to torment his Michigan adversaries?

I imagined he would be so happy that it would take mere seconds for him to pick up his phone and send out a group text to every Michigan fan in his contacts saying "ha!"  I imagined that his response would be just subtle enough to send every Wolverine lover, Wall-Marter and alumni alike into an immediate rage.

But no, it didn't happen, he lied to me. This man, that I used to consider a friend actually had the audacity to tell me that he wouldn't care.

Of course the conversation did not end there. I had to call him out, I had to make sure he knew, I knew he was lying! And, when I did he doubled down. This professional troll told me "that Michigan State fans no longer care about Michigan." He said that Michigan losing no longer excited the MSU fan base and that they've moved on to being obsessed with Ohio State, winning the Big Ten and going back to the College Football Playoff.

Sure ... MSU isn't obsessed with Michigan anymore? I started to laugh, which resulted in him abruptly cutting me off and saying that "the roles have reversed." He believes that the fan bases have switched behaviors. This MSU follower actually believes that Michigan fans are now obsessed with MSU more than MSU people are obsessed with Michigan.

Now, I fully admit that I root for Michigan and yes, I'm obsessed with them. What Walmart Wolverine wouldn't be? I want MSU to lose, and when they do I really enjoy it. It makes my day! It's who I am and I won't apologize for it. At least I'm honest. I just wish this MSU media member showed me the same honesty.

You tell me! Are the roles reversed? Are Michigan State fans no longer obsessed with Michigan? Are Wolverine fans now more obsessed with the Spartans? I can't believe all Spartys, now, all off a sudden fail to dislike Michigan.

Can't we all just admit that both fan bases hate each other and go on our lives?

Help me out here.

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