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Michigan racing team debuting at Detroit Grand Prix

Michigan racing team debuting at Detroit Grand Prix
Michigan racing team debuting at Detroit Grand Prix 02:09

(CBS DETROIT) - "For me, it's surreal and my partner as well. It is completely surreal to be here and there's such hometown pride here," said Brian Makse, co-founder of Thaze Competition Racing Team.

Thaze Competition is the hometown team for this year's Grand Prix in Detroit. 

Makse said the newly formed racing team is based out of Birmingham, Michigan, and was founded with his partner Faisal Ahmad. The two raced amateur together and decided to form Thaze Competition roughly 13 months ago. With their debut approaching on Saturday, the team is excited to test all their research and labor on the track on Saturday. 

"To say that we're not anxious would not be true. We're a little bit anxious, a little bit nervous, but we got a great crew and a great pair of drivers," Makse said. 

One of the two drivers is Marc Miller, a Holland resident and West Michigan native. The other is Toronto native Michael Di Meo. 

Miller said he is excited to race in front of a home crowd. 

"It's easy to say watch me on TV, but this is one of those races where I'll have family and friends in the stand and that is exciting," he said.

The pair will be racing a Mercedes AMG GT4 with a custom green and gold livery. Although the team is full of experienced crew members, they will be racing for the first time together. 

Miller believes the track being one other team hasn't faced, could even things out. 

"This track being new, it kind of evens the playing field," Miller said.

Di Meo said he is excited to be working with such an experienced crew and passionate owners. 

"It's been a great couple of months getting to know everyone and testing the car. Just really really thankful for the opportunity," Di Meo said. 

Di Meo said make no mistake, Thaze Competition came to compete. 

"I race to win and everyone here deserves do you know if the best performance myself and Mark put on so hopefully we make them proud and get a good result on Saturday," Di Meo said. 

Makse agrees the team is optimistic about their debut. 

"We're facing tough competition but absolutely our expectations are high and I think if we can if we can channel some of that Detroit energy I think we're gonna do OK."

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