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Michael Jordan On Playing Golf With POTUS: 'He's A Hack, It Would Be All Day Playing With Him'

By: Evan Jankens

Earlier this week, Michael Jordan took over the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account.

It appears on Thursday Michael Jordan is trying to take over the internet.

Jordan sat down with his old buddy Ahmad Rashad to talk about his ultimate foursome when it came to playing golf.

Jordan said he would like to include President Obama along with Arnold Palmer but did not go onto mention his fourth.

After Jordan mentioned Obama he went on to say: "I've never played with Obama but I would, but no, that's okay, I'd take him out. He's a hack, it would be all day playing with him."

Rashad went on to ask Jordan if he was sure he wanted to say that to the President of the United States? "I never said he wasn't a great politician, I'm just saying he's a sh---- golfer."

Good ol' Mike J even talking junk about the President.

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