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Man Honored For Stopping Stabbing Outside GM Tech Center

WARREN (WWJ) - A gun-wielding General Motors Tech Center parking lot valet who's been branded a hero says he's plagued by anxiety now, but he'd do it all again.

Didarul "Paco" Sarder spoke to reporters Thursday as he was given a special proclamation by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts for saving a woman's life.

As others stood and watched, Sarder was the only one who rushed to help 52-year-old Stephanie Kerr, who was being stabbed by her daughter last Wednesday, just outside the Tech Center's glass doors.

Secrutity video released at a news conference Thursday shows what happened.

"As I went out there she was getting stabbed, you know, I pulled out my firearm and ordered her to drop the knife or I'll have to fire...and she dropped the knife," Sarder said, with his wife and two children at his side.

Didarul Sarder
Didarul Sarder, left, shakes hands with Warren Mayor Jim Fouts. (credit: Sandra McNeill/WWJ)

"I got instructed by a 12-year Marine when I took the class, and he said the best way to access the situation, know when to use lethal force," he added. "If I can neutralize the threat without having to fire, I get to save the victim's life and the suspect's life."

The victim, 52-year-old Stephanie Kerr, remains hospitalized but is expected to survive. Her daughter, 32-year-old Chavonne Taylor, is facing charges.

Along with praise from the mayor and police, Sarder also received a $1,000 gift certificate from Elegant Jewelers.

Sarder has a concealed pistol license but the Tech Center campus is a gun-free zone. Sarder briefly lost his job for violating  policy, but was reinstated on Monday.

Mayor Jim Fouts, who said he doubts Kerr would have survived without Sarder's help, said he intervened to ensure Sarder wasn't fired.

"I'm greatful I have my job, but if this would've cost my job I'd still do it over again," Sarder said. "...It just felt like the right thing to do."

Sarder has been told to leave his weapon at home in the future.

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