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Man Charged With 'Kill All Police' Graffiti Claims Innocence, Blames Detroit Corruption

DETROIT (WWJ) The man accused of spray painting "kill all police" and "kill James Craig" is out on bond and talking exclusively to WWJ legal analyst Charlie Langton.

He maintains his innocence.

Stuart Horatio Lewis, 49, told Langton he had absolutely nothing to do with the graffiti that made national headlines when Craig, the Detroit police chief, promised to track down the 'coward' who threatened him, promising "we always do."

"That's a threat on all of us," Craig said.

The Police Department arrested Lewis Friday after receiving what they described as tips about his guilt. But then there was a wrinkle.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office refused to sign off on the warrant and Lewis was released.

Prosecutors office spokeswoman Maria Miller told WWJ's Jon Hewett that Lewis was apprehended again Monday after "further information received" led them to sign it.

Craig wasn't happy with the process. At a news conference, he called it "substandard work" by prosecutors.

Now that police and prosecutors are in agreement on his guilt, Lewis says they're still dead wrong.

"If I knew who did it or why I would have told them, but I don't know anything, or have any suspicions of really who could have did or why they would have done it," he said.

He thinks Craig has it out for him and says the Detroit Police Department has a long history of corruption that may have led to his arrest. He was also charged with intent to deliver marijuana, which Lewis says was a set-up.

"I believe that the police department was corrupted long before he became in office as police chief," Lewis told Langton.

Facing 20 years in prison on terrorism charges, Louis is back in court Nov. 1.


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