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Major Anime Convention Coming This Weekend

More than 8,000 anime enthusiasts from throughout North America and Europe will attend Youmacon '10, Metro Detroit's first and only anime convention, now in its sixth year, at the Detroit Mariott at the Renaissance Center Oct. 28-31.

Youmacon '10 attendees will meet leading anime voice actors in person, compete for masquerade and costume trophies, purchase anime collectibles and attend a Royal Masquerade Ball. The anime convention provides non-stop 24 hour programming of games, contests, anime music videos and video programming. Youmacon '10 registration and other detailed information are available at, the official Web site of Youmacon'10.

For the third year, all proceeds from the sale of tickets to the Masquerade Ball on Halloween Night will be donated to benefit the children of the Cornerstone Schools of Detroit.

Anime is a form of animation that originated in Japan and has become a multi billion dollar industry boasting tens of millions of passionate fans world wide. Anime can be hand drawn or computer assisted. It is used in television series, films, video games, commercials and internet based releases and represents all genres of fiction.

Anime television series appear on The Cartoon Network, the Disney and Sci-Fi Channels along with the Anime Network.

Among the distinguished anime voice actors who will appear in person at Youmacon '10 are:

* Brad Swaile, who voiced "Light Yagami" in Death Note & "Quatre Winner" in Gundam Wing
* Caitlin Glass, who appears as "Yakumo" in School Rumble & "Winry" in Fullmetal Alchemist
* Christopher Robin Miller, who voices the titular character in the Professor Layton game series from Nintendo
* Patrick Seitz, who voiced "Franky" in One Piece, "Luke Valentine" in Hellsing & "Germany" in Hetalia
* Todd Haberkorn, who appears as "Allan Walker" in D.Gray-man & in "Keroro" in Sgt. Frog
* Vic Mignogna, who appears as "Edward Elric" in Fullmetal Alchemist & "Tamaki Suou" in Ouran Host Club

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