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Local Man To Run Across State After Losing More Than 100 Pounds

DETROIT (WWJ) -- A Jackson man is about to go on the run of his life.

Ken Faulkiner will set off from the Renaissance Center on Oct. 22 on a 10-day, 210 mile journey.

Faulkiner says six years ago, he weighed over 300 pounds before a picture of himself inspired him to slim down. He said he used to need a cane to help get around, and since then he's lost around 100 pounds.

"Almost six years ago I was severely overweight, I was well over 300 pounds," Faulkiner told WWJ Newsradio 950. "I saw some pictures of me and my youngest daughter -- it's a little emotional for me -- but I knew I had problems doing other things with my kids just because of my weight and it was causing physical problems. It was hard for me to move around, I couldn't breath right, and at one point I was walking with a cane."

Since he began his running journey he's began to enjoy the physical activity. He said it was at first about distance, time and losing weight, but now he uses the exercise as an anxiety and stress reliever.

He's ran three marathons, an ultra, more than 10 half marathons, and dozens of 5K's.

"I started running and went from there," Faulkiner said. "I couldn't run one lap around the track without thinking I was going to die when I started. (Now) it's come down to where just this morning I went out and was like 'let's see how far I can go' and I ran 13 miles."

Faulkiner will run about 20 to 23 miles a day, ending up in New Buffalo on Halloween. He's seeking donations for the I Run 4 Playground project, as well as the Wildcat Track Club. Those interested in donating or learning more about his run can visit

He said that this run across the state is meant to serve as a symbol to others that taking care of your body is possible -- and that it's never to late to get in shape.

"With this run I want to show that an ordinary man with a full time job and demanding life can still find time for self care," Faulkiner said. "I want to bring all that running has to offer to the young men and women I work with. I relate almost everything to running. It has saved my life on many levels."

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