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LinkedIn To Open Offices In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Another major company is planning to open an office in Detroit.

Social networking site LinkedIn has officially announced that it has chosen Detroit -- out of more than 10 U.S. cities -- as their next location for a new office.

"Why Detroit? After evaluating more than 10 U.S. cities, we chose Detroit because we believe the Motor City presents a unique opportunity for LinkedIn to hire top talent and be a part of an exciting economic turnaround story," LinkedIn Senior Vice President of Global Solutions Mike Gamson said in the online blog. "This new office gives us a chance to marry LinkedIn's uniquely powerful culture with Detroit's dynamic talent to create economic opportunity for our employees, the city and our company."

Gamson added that they're looking for a temporary space to get started and will then move to a more permanent space.

Mark Denson, with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, is excited about the announcement. He said this move shows the city is growing as a tech hub.

"It joins recent entrances into the market such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft and not to mention all of the homegrown guys too," Denson told WWJ. "... It really is a great (indication) of what's happening here in Detroit."

LinkedIn expects to have their first employees in that office within the next few months. The company is already looking for possible candidates, with job postings listed on their website. It is expected that this will create dozens of jobs for local residents.

Denson said the trickle down effect is normally noticed when a big company like LinkedIn opens up a facility in town.

"When you have good paying jobs like what LinkedIn is going to be providing it's all of the (additional) things that happen because of that," Denson said. "People buy homes, people buy appliances, they eat at local restaurants. They're supporting the smaller micro enterprises, the mom-and-pop shops, and all the other things."

If you're interested in working for LinkedIn, click here to see the job postings.

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