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Landfill Search Begins To Find Missing Teen Zion Foster

(CBS DETROIT) – The Detroit Police Special Response Unit joined with the decontamination officials from the Detroit Fire Department to begin canvassing a Lenox Township landfill to find the remains of missing teen Zion Foster.

Police say she was last seen with her cousin, Jaylin Brazier, back in January. He's now serving time for lying to police in the investigation and allegedly confessed to dumping her body leading to this massive search.

The hunt to find Zion's remains is underway.

Operation Justice for Zion is going to take a lot of manpower.

Seventy people a day for six to eight weeks will be digging through a mountain of debris.

The effort to locate the 17-year-old includes thoroughly combing through a 100-by-100 foot area at Pine Tree Acres Landfill.

The investigation is being led by Detroit police along with federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Waste Management officials told CW50 in a statement Tuesday they are working with DPD and partnering authorities to provide support for the extensive search.

Michigan CAT is also assisting with equipment and machine operation.

Zion's mother, Cierra Milton, broke the details of the teen's possible whereabouts back in February.

Milton says she wants to locate her daughter's remains to find out exactly what happened the night of Jan. 4.

"I wish more so that they can find her to know what he did," Milton said.

"It's not a pain that you can escape from. It's not a pain that you can sleep away or cry away or medicate away."

Police say phase one of the search could take up to two weeks to clear through 20 feet of waste.

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