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Know Your Risk For Sudden Cardiac Arrest

By Sean Lee,
WWJ Health Reporter

DETROIT (WWJ) - Most people know it's breast cancer awareness month, but doctors also want to spread the word about an even bigger killer of women as well as men.

What you may not know is October is also Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month; and if you're like 65 percent of Americans, you also may not know the difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest — the leading cause of death in the U-S.

Think of your heart like a house. A heart attack is a plumbing problem with blood flow, but sudden cardiac arrest is like instantly losing power to your whole house.

Wayne State Cardiologist Teferi Mitiku says improving the 95 percent death rate for sudden cardiac arrest means getting more people to learn CPR.

"Receiving immediate defibrillation or receiving immediate CPR are the only two things that we know can save somebody's life," Mitiku said.

Knowing your risk for sudden cardiac arrest is key to preventing it. You'll find a free tool to help you do that HERE.

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