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Jones Vows To Fight Court Ruling

DETROIT (WWJ) - Florida Pastor Terry Jones is out of jail and heading back home.

Jones is leaving Metro Airport, but vows to return next week. He'll protest in front of Dearborn City Hall.

After a jury ruled against Jones and an associate on yesterday, the two were ordered to pay a peace bond of one dollar. They initially refused, which lead to a short stint in jail before paying the bond.

But WWJ's Beth Fisher reports from Metro Airport, where she met up with Pastor Jones as he was leaving Michigan.

"We are now protesting what they have done to us, they have violated our constitutional rights, freedom of speech," says Jones from Metro Airport. 

When asked if he would get an attorney Jones says: "We are definitely going to get a lawyer....We are going to go after them with every single thing we can."

Jones plans to get a lawyer and possibly to appeal, but vows a protest at Dearborn City Hall next Friday. He's been ordered to stay off the mosque grounds for three years.

Jones claims that as a pastor he is against radical Islam, but as a citizen, he supports the First Amendment and freedom of religion and of free.
"We think it's totally unconstitutional, it's a violation of our constitutional rights, that bond has not been used, I believe, if I'm correct, since 1857," says Jones.

Fern Cohen of Warren was at Metro Airport when Jones arrived: "I think he has a right to protest, but I'm glad he can't. It's kind of a mixed bag, it's a constitutional issue that he is going to have to pursue," says Cohen.

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