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Hulk Hogan And The Iron Sheik Dress As Each Other For Halloween [PHOTOS]

By: Evan Jankens

Since I was a kid, I thought one of the coolest costumes was being Hulk Hogan.

Who didn't want to be the Hulkster growing up? I always wanted to be, but I couldn't get the money together to get the costume.

This, though, I didn't expect: Hulk Hogan and his rival from the 80s and 90s The Iron Sheik dressed up as each other this Halloween.

Hogan's Iron Sheik was amazing; You almost wouldn't recognize Hogan if you didn't know it was him.

The Iron Sheik's Hogan could really use some work, though.

There is no word on whether the two worked on the costumes together. You have to admit this was a pretty great idea.

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